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Faculty Groups

The International Institute supports scholarship and teaching on international issues. One of the most important mechanisms for this is funding Faculty groups, where faculty and graduate students work together on specific themes. In 2017-18, we funded thirteen groups, in 2018-19 we funded sixteen, in 2019-20, we awarded funds to ten groups, and in 2020-2021, we funded 14 groups. You can read about current projects for 2020-21 by clicking on a group in the sidebar.

Call for Interdisciplinary Faculty Research Groups for AY 2022-23 (Deadline: June 30, 2022)

The International Institute offers support for interdisciplinary faculty research groups whose work addresses  international issues. Our aim is to foster collaboration across departments and programs around particular  research themes. Themes may be centered on a region or address a general international theme. Funding  levels are generally between $1500 and $3000.  

  1. Eligibility. Each group should be made up of a minimum of five faculty members, from at least two Divisions. We particularly encourage groups that demonstrate diversity in all aspects, including rank, gender, specialization, and discipline. Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows are also encouraged to participate.  
  2. Resources. Funding is intended to foster scholarship and intellectual collaboration. Funds can be used to pay honoraria for non-UCSD guest speakers, covering various costs of workshops, group discussions, and public events. It may not be used for individual research projects, faculty salaries, or course  releases, but money can be used to support research of graduate students affiliated with the faculty  group through reimbursements for expenses, or small stipends. 
  3. Liaison. Groups should nominate one faculty member who acts as a liaison between the Institute and the group.
  4. Responsibilities. Each group will submit a short synopsis of activities at the end of winter quarter 2023, and a final annual report at the end of the year documenting activities and how the funds were used. Evaluations for continued funding of the groups will be based on how they advanced the mission and vision of the Institute (see 

How to apply: Please send a single pdf application to with the following information: 

      a. Name, department, and email of liaison faculty member.

      b. Names, departments, and emails of faculty and post-doctoral/graduate student participants. 

      c. A 2-page description of the goals and themes of the group, which should make a compelling case for how the group will advance the vision of the Institute. The description should also address:

              i) how your faculty group will encourage online, digital or other low emission forms of participation. We ask you to actively act to reduce CO2 emissions by considering local speakers and limiting travel to reduce CO2 emissions. 

              ii) how your group will encourage participation beyond the UCSD community.

              iii) plans for tracking attendance at events (to be included in the year-end report) 

       d. A brief budget describing how much money the group is requesting and how the funds would be spent.  

       e. Please mention if the group has secured or plans to secure any additional external funding.  

 Questions? Please contact II o-Directors Jade d’Alpoim Guedes & Sharon Rose:

Current Faculty Groups

Past Faculty Groups