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Support the UC San Diego International Institute

The International Institute was established in 2017 with generous funding from the Chancellor to coordinate and support scholarship and teaching on international issues at UC San Diego.

We are creating a vibrant international and multidisciplinary intellectual community that produces and supports research and policy ideas from across disciplines. We are committed to fostering international knowledge that encompasses multiple levels, from local knowledge of languages and sub-national groups, to regional and state knowledge, to global knowledge of international systems, institutions, and organizations.

To foster these collaborations, we provide funding to cross-divisional faculty groups and collaboratories, and convene an annual conference dedicated to one of the university’s research themes across regions of the world. We also provide awards for graduate student research with an international focus and fellowships for human rights work domestically and internationally. 

Support the International Institute

Help us fund internationally-focused graduate student research fellowships, cross-divisional faculty groups and our annual conference.

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