Nature, Space, and Politics

Liaison Faculty Members:
Matilde Cordoba Azcarate, Communication
Elana Zilberg, Communication

Faculty Group Members:
Nancy Kwak, History
Matthew Vitz, History
Chandra Mukerji, Communication
Christo Sims, Communication
Patty Ahn, Communication
Fernando Dominguez Rubio, Communication
Keith Pezzoli, Communication
Oscar Romo, Urban Studies and Planning 
Ameeth Vijay, Literature 
Abigail Andrews, Sociology
David Pedersen, Anthropology
Lesley Stern, Visual Arts

Graduate Student Members:
Belinda Ramirez, Anthroplogy
October Montoya, Communication and Science Studies
Veronica Uribe del Aguila, Communication and Science Studies
Akshita Sivakumar, Communication and Science Studies
Joseph M Djordjevski, Modern European History
Kevan Malone, History

Post-Doctoral Students:
Brie Iatorola, Communication

McNair Scholar:
Elizabeth Rosas, Communication

This faculty and graduate group is organized around the theme Nature, Space and Politics. It is a continuation of this year’s Faculty and Graduate Group Cities, Space and Politics, organized as part of the initial preparations for the upcoming year-long Mellon-Foundation’s Sawyer Seminar "Claiming the City: Urban Citizenship, Hybrid Cultures, and Governance in the Modern Era". As part of this effort, we re-group to contribute to the Spring 2019 Resiliency, Environment, Urban Space thematic cluster of the Sawyer Seminar and our proposed activities will take part under this larger research umbrella. To this end, we will integrate our Spring quarter workshops with the Sawyer Seminar visiting speakers.

The Nature, Space and Politics Faculty and Graduate Group is conceived as a workshop space. It brings attention to the political and spatial dimensions of the study of nature in late capitalist societies. We convene around a shared interest and preoccupation with the current internationalized ecological crises and the need to historicize and revise the generation of standardized knowledge tools about anthropogenic climate change pressures. We build on shared interdisciplinary discussions around urban informality, urban governance and urban political ecology in North American, Latin American, Asian and European contexts.

We plan to workshop along three interrelated set of questions - knowledge production, infrastructure interventions, and uses- as they relate to the articulation of land and water for conservation, preservation and recreation.