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International Research Internship Program

The summer International Research Internship Program pairs community college students from San Diego Mesa College and Cuyamaca College with UCSD graduate student projects focused on international issues. Community college students will learn firsthand how research and their cross cultural and language skills can be adapted to graduate work and careers at a major research institution. Graduate students will improve mentorship skills. The program will culminate with a half-day workshop with all participants. Projects focusing on climate change, world languages, and human rights are especially encouraged. Applications will be assessed based on background/preparation, the quality and innovativeness of the proposed research, professor recommendations, and contributions to diversity.

Awards are intended for summer research projects that function as an internship. II will fund a total of 2 projects, with one CC student from Cuyamaca and one from San Diego Mesa College. Each CC student will receive $2,500 for the summer stipend and each graduate student will receive $2,500. Faculty will not receive a stipend for participation

Human Subjects Protection: If research involves human subjects, proposers are responsible for procuring Institutional Review Board approval prior to conducting research. For more information, please speak with your faculty advisor and consult the Human Research Protection Program website

Applications are due no later than 5:00pm, Friday, March 15, 2024, so that your project may be matched with CC students interests and abilities. Once the evaluation panel reviews the applications, the top five applicants will be invited to present their project proposals in a Zoom meeting with interested students. This will help us make a good match between the graduate student project and the undergraduate student interest.

Criteria for Selection:

● A topic that will increase knowledge about an issue of important international concern. (Projects focusing on climate change, world languages, global conflict/security, migration, and social justice/human rights are especially encouraged.)
● Topic that is matched to the interests and skills of a community college student.
● An interdisciplinary, inter-divisional, and/or comparative subject. (Cross-regional projects are particularly encouraged; multi-country comparative projects also satisfy this criterion)
● Intellectual originality and breadth.
● Clarity/strength of research plan, design and methodology, including a timeline for the research.
● A mentoring plan that describes specifically how the CC student will be integrated into the research.

Using the Microsoft Forms link provided below , PhD Students must submit the following information in one PDF (use Acrobat Pro to combine PDF documents).

1. Project description (no more than 1500 words). This should include a description of your research questions and methodology (600 words), a description of your background, education, and training that prepares you for the research (300 words), a description of your proposed mentorship, including a timetable of the proposed summer work with the mentee and a plan for specific tasks the community college student will be expected to accomplish (300 words), and a statement about how your research and mentorship contributes to diversity (300 words). The description should be written in a manner that is accessible across disciplines.
2. Curriculum vitae (CV)
3. In addition, candidates should arrange for a UC San Diego faculty member familiar with the student's work to submit a letter of recommendation separately to


Application deadline: March 15, 2024, at 5 p.m.

Please submit your application via Microsoft Forms.


Please email questions to: