Faculty Groups

The International Institute supports scholarship and teaching on international issues.  One of the most important mechanisms for this is funding Faculty groups, where faculty and graduate students work together on specific themes.  In 2017-18, we funded thirteen groups, and in 2018-19 we funded sixteen. You can read about their projects here and find information about the events they are hosting in our calendar.

International Institute, UC San Diego

Faculty Groups for AY 2019-20

We are happy to continue our effort to form an intellectual community of scholars and students whose work addresses international issues. Our first year’s faculty groups were extremely productive, bringing many distinguished guests to campus and fostering important cross-disciplinary dialogue. We are looking forward to the activities of this year's groups. For more information about our 2018-19 groups, see https://internationalinstitute.ucsd.edu/faculty-groups/index.html.

We invite you to join our community by proposing a faculty group for next year.

Deadline for proposals will be announced in Winter 2019. 


Faculty group requirements:

  1. Each group should be made up of a minimum of 5 faculty members, from at least two divisions, to constitute an area (eg. Middle East) or theme (eg. climate change) based group. (An ideal group would have members from three divisions.) We particularly encourage groups that demonstrate diversity in all aspects, including rank, gender, specialization, and discipline. The group may function as a seminar group, hosting talks by internal and external speakers, or as a workshop, with faculty and graduate students working together on a project (a book, edited volume, journal issue, etc.)  Once the groups are established, graduate students are encouraged to participate.
  2. Funding is intended to foster scholarship and intellectual collaboration.  It may be used to bring guest speakers, hold conferences, promote group discussions, and hold public events. It may not be used for individual research projects, faculty salaries, or course releases. Funding can be used for honoraria for guests, but not for UCSD faculty.
  3. Groups should nominate one faculty member who acts as a liaison between the Institute and the group. The liaison should submit the proposal described below.
  4. Groups should mention if they have identified other possible external sources of funding in their proposal. The ability of groups to get external funding will be seen as a positive signal of an active and vibrant group, and our funding may function as seed money for future projects.  However, Institute funding is not dependent on external funding.
  5. Each group will submit a short annual report at the end of the year documenting how the funds were used. Evaluations for continued funding of the groups will be based on how they advanced the mission and vision of the Institute (see https://internationalinstitute.ucsd.edu/about/index.html).
  6. The applications will be judged by a panel of interested faculty and approved by the Institute’s Steering Committee.

Proposals should include all of the following in one pdf sent to iiprogram@ucsd.edu:

  1. Name, department, and email of liaison faculty member.
  2. Names, departments, and emails of faculty and graduate participants.
  3. A (no more than) 2-page description of the goals and themes of the group, which should make a compelling case for how the group will advance the vision of the Institute.
  4. A brief budget describing how much money the group is requesting and how the funds would be spent (travel and honoraria for guests, food for meetings, books, prizes or support for students, venue or publicity costs, etc.)
  5. If this is an application for continued funding for an existing faculty group, a final report from the previous year’s activities and an explanation of why continued funding is appropriate.