An emerging cross-divisional intellectual community.

Welcome to the UC San Diego International Institute

The International Institute will coordinate and support scholarship and teaching on international issues at UC San Diego. We are creating a vibrant international and multidisciplinary intellectual community that produces and supports research and policy ideas from across disciplines. We are committed to fostering international knowledge that encompasses multiple levels, from local knowledge of languages and sub-national groups, to regional and state knowledge, to global knowledge of international systems, institutions, and organizations. To foster these collaborations, we provide funding to cross-divisional faculty groups and collaboratories, and convene an annual conference dedicated to one of the university’s four research themes across regions of the world. We also provide fellowships for faculty and graduate student research.

The Institute is the result of a faculty-led initiative and is being developed in collaboration with engaged faculty. We invite you to bring your expertise and research concerns into dialogue with us, by forming a faculty group based on either a regional or thematic focus. Please join us!


Nancy Postero & Sharon Rose
Co-Directors, International Institute


Human Rights Center Fellowship 2019

The International Institute and Human Rights Program are pleased to announce the annual competition for student fellowships in partnership with organizations working for human rights. Fellowship is available to students from several UC Campuses. Registered students at UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, Hastings College of Law, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, and UC Irvine are eligible, with priority given to graduate and returning students. Prior recipients of Human Rights Center fellowships are not eligible. The amount of the fellowship stipend will be $5,000. The deadline for applications and all supporting documents is February 19, 2019.

More information here.