International Institute 2019 Graduate Fellowships - coming soon!


Previous call for 2018 Graduate Fellowships:


Awards are intended for research travel between June 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Awards will not exceed $3,000. Funds may be used for travel, research assistance, copies, and in some cases supplies such as cameras or recording devices.The International Institute is currently accepting applications for the 2018-19 Graduate Student Research and Travel Grants. The awards are intended to partially offset dissertation research travel expenses incurred in the U.S. or abroad. Supported research should be about other societies rather than simply conducted in other societies. Applications will be accepted from any discipline as long as it deals with international or global issues, cross-national comparisons, or research on particular societies and also has a substantial human or societal dimension. Implications for public policy should be made explicit.
Applications are due no later than 3pm Monday, April 23, 2018. Please send all application materials to Nancy Postero at
Information about the grants can be found at

Criteria for Selection:

  • A topic that will increase knowledge about a topic of important international concern.
  • An interdisciplinary, inter-divisional, and/or comparative subject. (Cross-regional projects are particularly encouraged; multi-country comparative projects also satisfy this criterion.)
  • Intellectual originality and breadth.
  • Clarity / strength of research plan, design and methodology.

Students must submit the following information in one pdf:

  1. Travel Grant Cover Sheet [link can be found on the website]
    2. One-page budget estimate.
    3. Project description (no more than 1000 words), including timetable or itinerary and other sources of financial support for which application has been made.
    4. Resume or curriculum vitae
    5. UCSD transcript (an unofficial version is OK).

In addition, one UCSD faculty member familiar with the student's work should submit a letter of recommendation separately to

Please address questions to:
Nancy Postero
Director, International Institute or


Click here for the cover sheet.

The International Institute is delighted to announce the Winners of our Graduate Fellowships for 2018-19:

Michael Berman (Anthropology) - "Spatializing hope: forming communities in post-disaster Japan"

Szu-Chin (Vivian) Chih (Literature) - "The renaissance of Taiwanese opera and glove poetry"

Haley Ciborowski (Family Medicine & Public Health) - "Migration, cultural change, and mental health among indigenous Mayans in the rural Guatemala highlands"

Christina Cottiero (Political Science) - "Staying alive: the strategic use of regional integration organizations by vulnerable elites in Africa"

Matthew Crum (History) - "Australian Paliochora-Kythera Archaeological Survey"

Semih Gokotalay (History) - "Chambers of commerce and the making of modern business in the Middle East (1882-1939)"

Hee Eun Kwon (Sociology) - "Temporary migrants stratified sense of belonging: the case of textile markets in Dubai, United Arab Emirates"

Chuncheung Liu (Sociology) - "The construction of gay men's cooperative identities under the global health programs in China"

Charles McClean (Political Science) - "Youth underrepresentation in political institutions in Japan"

Jessica Ng (SIO) - "Paleo-water table depths as indicator of mining impacts in the Salar de Atacama, Chile"

Ly Thuy Nguyen (Ethnic Studies) - "The politics of returning: exchange education, differential diaspora and Vietnamese identities"

Michael Obiri-Yeboah (Linguistics) - "Documenting Gua, an endangered language of Ghana"

Junghun Oh (Sociology) - "Skilled care work of an unpaid caregiver? Mothers of children with developmental disabilities in South Korea and a family caregiver support program"

John Porten (Political Science) - "Civil society, civil war: the use and abuse of community networks in conflict zones - the case of Nepal"

Dimitrios Stergiopoulos (History) - "Christians of the Ottoman Empire: loyal subjects of the Sultan or agents of imperial demise?"

Sindhu Thirumalaisamy (Visual Arts) - "FOAM: experimental film and essay - Bangalore, India"

Trisha Tschopp (History) - "Examining Arab technoscientific expertise in Mandate Palestine (1920-1948)"

Hua (Miranda) Wu (Anthropology) - "Where do I place my body and heart? - Shanghai and Changsha, China

Haleh Yazdi (Psychology) - "A cross-cultural study of how children in India, Iran and the U.S. develop ingroup and outgroup biases"

Bolun Zhang (Sociology) - "Capturing economy: China's piece work wage policy 1949-1966"